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  • Southern Bonz


  • About the company

    southern bonz

    Southern Bonz is a family business that aims to make good home cooking for the soul. We started January 1, 2016 and have been going strong since! We have come so far but we have so much more in store! (more)

  • OUR humble beginnings

    southern bonz

    Both Kevin and Curley Williams have always had a knack for whipping everything from ribs to stuffed bell peppers in the kitchen. Cooking has always come naturally for the Williams family. (more)


  • Food Truck is HERE!

    The food truck is now up and running! Text FindMyBonz to 71441 for our weekly locations. (more)

  • Specials

    We are all around Atlanta doing all types of events so text NewBonz to 71441 to keep up with our monthly specials!